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  • 24-hour emergency medical assistance
  • No admin fees to pay if you need to change your policy
  • Cover for loss of deposit and cancellation charges
  • Cover for financial failure of the travel or accommodation provider
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Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

Age Co Travel insurance can also cover pre-existing medical conditions, so there in no need for specialist cover†.

People suffer from pre-existing medical conditions, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis or asthma.  Age Co Travel Insurance is designed to ensure that your costs will be covered should you fall ill whilst travelling.

Why it’s important to take out travel insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions.

If you take out a travel insurance policy, but don’t declare the medical conditions that you have, or have had, there’s a strong possibility that the provider won’t pay out should something happen.

For instance, if your medical condition were to worsen, make you ill or flare up while you are travelling, your insurer may say that they can’t cover you because you didn’t declare the condition. Also, if you are injured or become ill because of your condition, for instance should you fall from a blood sugar issue, they may also refuse cover.

Even if your medical condtion is under control and it is unlikely to cause you any problems during your holiday, it is important that you disclose all medical conditions.  For instance, you could become ill from a completely unrelated injury, yet your medical history makes that treatment more complicated. Alternatively, you may need to claim for treatment that isn’t impacted by your condition, yet your insurer could refuse to pay out on the grounds that they would not have offered you that policy in the first place if they had been aware of your history.

Having cover for your existing medical conditions before you travel is important in case your condition worsens and causes you to cancel. Many people make the mistake of waiting until the holiday approaches to take out travel insurance. Yet most policies also cover you against cancellation, which is all the more important if you suffer from any medical conditions, as your risk of cancellation is higher. You should take out travel insurance as soon as you book your trip.

Should I declare my pre-existing medical conditions?

Any medical condition that you are currently receiving treatment for must be declared, but you should also include conditions that you have been diagnosed with in the past. Generally, you need to declare anything that you have had treatment for in the last five years, but conditions such as blood clots or circulatory problems must be declared no matter when you suffered from them.

The key to getting the right cover is to answer all questions honestly and provide as much detail as possible. If you’re still not certain, make sure to ask your provider when you’re taking out the policy.

If you are fully covered for all eventualities you’ll be able to travel confidently.

How much would it cost to cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Factors that influence the cost of your travel insurance include your destination, the type of holiday you’re going on, the duration of the holiday, and your age. The most important factor however is your health.

As a result, most insurers charge a premium for travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions because of the increased risk. This means that older travellers, and particularly those who have ailments‚ often find it harder to obtain the travel insurance they need.

When it comes to travel insurance, age is not a reason to restrict or refuse cover. That's why Age Co Travel Insurance has no upper age limit and provides cover for pre-existing medical conditions wherever possible†.

Find out more about Age Co Travel Insurance.

Things to consider

If you have pre-existing conditions, before applying for insurance, each person to be insured must consider the following:

  • If a terminal prognosis has been received
  • If they are waiting for an operation, hospital consultation, the results of any hospital tests or investigations (other than for regular check-ups for a stable condition). Or are waiting for or receiving hospital treatment
  • If anyone is travelling against medical advice or for the purpose of obtaining treatment

If the claim results directly from the circumstances shown above, then you will not be covered for any of the following claims :

  • Section 1 (if your trip is cancelled)
  • Section 2 (if your trip is cut short)
  • Section 5 (medical and other expenses)
  • Section 6 (hospital benefit)

If you are unsure of an answer to a medical screening question, please contact your GP for further clarification.

Please refer to the policy document for more information.

If you are travelling outside the United Kingdom‚ you will be asked the following questions about your medical condition(s). If your answer is YES to any of the questions below‚ you will be asked for more information about your condition to establish if full cover can be provided and the premium required. You will NOT be covered if at the time of taking out this travel insurance you answer YES to any of these questions and fail to disclose your pre-existing medical conditions. You will need to tell us about ALL existing medical conditions if any person named on the policy:

  • has been diagnosed with, or treated for, any form of cancer, leukemia or tumour within the last 5 years;
  • has ever been treated or prescribed medication for:
    • a breathing condition (asthma need only be declared if it has required hospital treatment, or the use of a nebuliser, or supplementary oxygen);
    • a heart or cardiac related condition;
    • a circulatory condition such as deep vein thrombosis or a stroke;
    • diabetes
  • has, within the last year, been admitted overnight as a hospital in-patient, or had any hospital tests or investigation;
  • has, within the last year, been referred to a specialist consultant.

If you are unsure of an answer to a medical screening question, please contact your GP for further clarification.

Please refer to the policy booklet for more information.

Health changes

If your health changes (applies to Annual Multi-trip policies only) you must call Ageas Insurance Limited on 0345 128 8008‡ if, after taking out this policy, or any person named on the policy:

  • develops a condition or experiences any of the circumstances above;
  • has a change in the medical conditions that have already been declared to us.

You will be informed if your cover cannot continue and you may be entitled to claim for the cost of cancelling your travel arrangements. Insurers reserve the right to amend the terms of your policy, or cancel it providing you with a pro-rata refund of the premium.

Please refer to the policy document for more information.

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Age Co Travel Insurance is administered by Ageas Retail Limited and provided by Ageas Insurance Limited. Within 12 months, the Travel Insurance product will be offered by a different provider.

*After 31st August 2019, Age Co will no longer be selling travel insurance as the offering with Ageas Retail Limited will have ended.

Age UK Enterprises are always committed to providing good customer service. If you buy a product from Age UK Enterprises, you may be contacted by our partners Feefo on our behalf to find out about your buying experience.

*If you call the 0800 number, you may be transferred to an Age UK office or Ageas Retail Limited.

If you need to make a complaint, please refer to the policy documents.

†Subject to medical screening and acceptance by underwriters. Medical exclusions may apply and acceptance is not guaranteed. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply to this insurance.

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