Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

Age Co Travel Insurance covers 99% of pre-existing conditions.

On this page, you’ll be able to find:

  • Examples of conditions we have covered in the past
  • What to expect when applying for cover
  • How to report your conditions
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Age Co is 100% owned by Age UK and gives its profits to the charity.  In the financial year 2021-2022 Age Co donated £4m to Age UK.

Conditions Covered by Age Co Travel Insurance, provided by AllClear

Our team have carefully selected AllClear as our Travel Insurance provider, to help further our mission to deliver quality protection for anyone with a medical condition. AllClear offers specialist medical travel insurance. They have looked after over 3.5 million travellers worldwide and approved 1,300 different pre-existing conditions.

Age Co Travel Insurance will cover you for medical emergencies, safeguarding against unexpected medical bills and offering support should any health issue arise while you are away.

List of conditions

Here are examples of medical conditions we may provide coverage for:









Nut Allergy








Head and Neck Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Anorexia Nervosa

Heart Valve Replacement





Back Problems


Pre-existing Illness

Bipolar Disorder


Prostate Cancer

Brain Aneurysm



Brain Tumour


Pulmonary Embolism

Broken Leg


Pulmonary Fibrosis


Kidney Disease



Kidney Stones



Liver Cirrhosis


Cerebral Palsy

Liver Disease



Liver Transplant


Coeliac Disease


Skin Conditions



Slipped Disc

Crohn’s Disease



Type 1 Diabetes

Mental Health

Stroke or Mini-Stroke (TIA)

Type 2 Diabetes


Terminal Illness





Motor Neurone Disease

Underactive Thyroid


Mouth Cancer


Policy documents

Your policy documents contain information about the features, exclusions and limitations of Age Co Travel Insurance, provided by AllClear. If you’re an existing customer, you can find further information related to your insurance via our dedicated section.


Policy Document

Gold Product Information Document IPID

Gold Increased Excess Product Information Document IPID

Gold Excluding Cancellation Product Information Document IPID

Gold Plus Product Information Document IPID

Gold Plus excluding cancellation Product Information Document IPID

Platinum Product Information Document IPID


Declaring any conditions

When getting a travel insurance quote, it’s important that you declare all your known medical conditions. This can be done either through our health screening process or over the phone.

As you start a new quote, you’ll automatically be asked a set of questions, as part of our screening process. These help us to determine how your medical conditions might affect the likelihood of a claim being made, as well as gauge the cost of any treatments that might be required while you are away.

Need help declaring your conditions? Simply get in touch with the general enquiries team by calling: 01708 339 059

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You’re on the right track. We’re just taking you to the AllClear website for a quote

Age Co Travel Insurance is provided by our trusted partner, AllClear. You’ll be able to get a quote easily through their site.

Please note: terms & conditions, privacy notice and cookie policy will differ from Age Co’s.

If you’re happy to leave the Age Co website, simply click ‘continue’ and you’ll be taken to the relevant AllClear page.


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What is specialist medical travel insurance?

Looking at the market, many travellers are worried they might not find coverage that takes into consideration their pre-existing medical conditions. Some policies may only offer protection against accidents and emergencies. However, with specialist coverage, your medical history won’t hold you back from finding the right insurance for your upcoming trip.

Age Co Travel Insurance is provided by AllClear, who pioneered specialised medical coverage in the UK. Together, we offer four key benefits to better protect those with pre-existing conditions.

  • Cover for pre-existing conditions while away. Age Co Travel Insurance has cover for up to unlimited emergency treatment, including treatment for ongoing medical issues.
  • Protection against cancellation due to a medical event. You can be covered for up to £25K, should a trip need to be cancelled after a medical incident or complication related to your health.
  • Repatriation costs, if medically necessary. Alongside the costs associated with emergency medical treatment, Age Co Travel Insurance can also step in to protect against bills relating to transport home after an event. For example, if an air ambulance is required, this cost could be covered. 
  • Always on hand to help. On your travels, you’ll have access to 24-hour medical emergency assistance - giving you peace of mind and the confidence to explore
Older female couple walking holding hands on the beach

Travel insurance that gives back

Age Co Travel Insurance not only helps you get the medical support you need, our coverage also includes protection against:

  • Travel delays
  • Theft of your personal belongings
  • Legal liabilities
  • Damage to mobility aids or sports equipment

With a range of cover levels to choose from, you can tailor your policy and find the right level of protection for your next big trip.
What’s more, as we’re 100% owned by Age UK, you’ll be helping us to support older people in need. Last year, our customers helped us give back £4 million to the charity.

What does medical travel insurance not cover?

While specialised insurance can provide a wide range of protection, there are some claims which may not be covered. To avoid any disappointment, we recommend reviewing your policy document carefully before your holiday begins. This way you can travel in full confidence, knowing exactly what benefits you have. 

As an example, here are some scenarios which could invalidate an insurance claim:

  • Travelling against the advice of a healthcare professional
  • Failure to declare any or all pre-existing medical conditions
  • Going abroad specifically to receive medical treatment or tests

How can I get cheaper travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition?

Firstly, it’s important to remember that a cheap premium isn’t always the best option - especially if you have a pre-existing condition. As with all insurance, you want to find a balance between a fair price and getting proper protection. If you want to get the best value for your money, consider these tips:

  • Consider annual cover as this can be more cost-effective over a 12 month period if you have multiple trips planned.
  • Review your excess and review how much you’re comfortable paying. The higher the excess, the lower the premium tends to be.
  • Look at your holiday plans, as going away for a long period or selecting a destination with high healthcare costs (such as the USA) can raise the price of your policy.


Frequently asked questions

What happens if a medical condition isn’t declared?

If you’re not transparent with your insurance provider and fail to tell them your full medical history, you may find yourself running into problems, should you need to make a claim. In the event of a medical expense, your insurer will likely investigate to see if any pre-existing condition was part of the cause. Should they find you failed to disclose something, the claim could be rejected and the costs left for you to manage. Given that medical expenses can reach up to seven figures, this isn’t a risk worth taking.

Does medical travel insurance have an age limit?

This will depend on the provider. While some may have upper age limits in place, Age Co Travel Insurance policies don't have an age limit. What’s more, as advocates for later life, we’ve carefully selected AllClear as our travel insurance provider because we believe their product suits the needs of older travellers.

Does the holiday destination affect the cost of medical travel insurance?

Where you choose to travel will have a big impact on the cost of your policy. This is due to two factors. Firstly, each country has their own pricing system for healthcare. In cases like the USA, using a medical facility can be quite expensive, so your insurer will be mindful of this when costing your premium. Alongside the cost of healthcare, a travel insurance provider will also be mindful of local diseases. Some areas put you at a higher risk of infection, which is why tropical countries, where malaria is prevalent, tend to impact the cost of your policy.

What happens if you develop a medical condition after taking out a travel insurance policy?

After you’ve taken out a travel insurance policy, if you’re diagnosed with a new medical condition, it’s important to let your provider know. They may be able to adjust your coverage to take this new development into account. And while this may increase the price of your premium, not disclosing any medical conditions, can run the risk of voiding your protection. Therefore, to be safe, get in touch with your insurer as soon as you can.

Will a GHIC or EHIC card cover pre-existing conditions?

Whether you have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), it’s still recommended that you take out travel insurance for your next trip. This is because medical travel insurance not only covers state-funded healthcare treatment, it also extends to private hospitals and repatriation costs too. Not to mention, travel insurance also covers your personal possessions, liability charges, and any unforeseen cancellations or delays.

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