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About Age Co

Age Co is the name for Age UK Products & Services

Age Co provide products and services tailored to the needs of older people.

Products and services offered under the Age Co name will include Car Insurance, Home InsuranceFinancial Services and Funeral Plans as well as Independent Living solutions, all designed to help people make the most of later life.

Over time, more Age UK branded products will use the Age Co name, and new products that can help improve the lives of older people will be introduced.

Behind the Age Co name, you’ll find trusted partners who work to meet the needs of those in later life. The service you receive will be from friendly people who'll have time for you, and will offer you all the support you need to feel comfortable and confident in your purchase. 

And everything sold under the Age Co name will help raise income for the great charitable work of Age UK. 

Age UK is the country's largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Age Co?

Age Co is the new brand that Age UK and its trading companies have developed for the sale of financial services and independent living products.

Products sold under the Age Co brand will include funeral plans, insurance, stairlifts and many others, all designed to help people make the most of later life.

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How does Age Co relate to Age UK?

Age UK is a nationwide organisation and charity. Age Co is a brand name which Age UK allows certain providers to use, so long as they can meet the standards that Age UK require. Money raised through the sale of Age Co products gets donated to Age UK each year.

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Why are Age UK product and services being re-named Age Co?

The Age Co brand has been designed to give a clear separation between the charitable work of Age UK and the commercial products and services that are sold. 

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Why was Age Co introduced?

We at Age UK think that with a different brand it’ll be clearer that by buying a product you contribute to, and help, Age Co to make a donation to Age UK. But while Age Co’s a separate brand, it’s related, which is why it’s still called ‘Age’

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What does the ‘Co’ in ‘Age Co’ stand for?

We’ve used ‘Age Co’ so people will naturally associate with either buying a ‘commercial’ product or buying from a ‘company’.

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Where does the £3 million figure for donations from Age Co sales to Age UK come from?

It’s an estimate of the amount that will be donated, after all costs are taken into account, to Age UK as a result of Age Co sales in 2020.

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Are Age Co products ‘charity products’ or, if not, at least the cheapest?

Age Co products and services are never sold 'for a charity price' or at subsidised levels. Because products often include extra features that research implies are important to older people, they are rarely 'no frills'. 

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What about value?

The aim is for Age Co products and services always to represent good value, to different people with different means and aims.  That group includes older people who shop around and think carefully about what matters most to them before they buy. If their priority is 'the lowest possible price', they might be advised to look elsewhere. If the answer is, a fair price for the quality of product on offer, then Age Co should provide a strong option for them to consider.

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Can we still get Age UK products which haven’t rebranded to Age Co yet?

Yes, some products remain available through the website. You can also link to them from the website by clicking on ‘Other Age UK products’ in the top menu.

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What will happen to Age Co in future?

Going forward, we will steadily bring the full suite of Age UK products over to the Age Co brand. After that, we aim to bring new products on stream, all of which will be designed to help people in later life. We want Age Co to become a brand of choice for older people who want one less thing to worry about, and who want to deal with people they can trust. 

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