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How to find a lost ring

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Losing a ring can be distressing. Whether it’s an engagement, wedding, eternity or other kind of ring, you’ll likely feel a sense of dread and panic once you’ve realised it’s not on your finger and you’re not sure where it could have got to. This is why it’s so important to insure your jewellery in case it goes missing while you’re at home or out and about. Not only can rings be expensive pieces of jewellery, but they also have incredible sentimental value. With this in mind, how can you find a ring, or a diamond that’s come loose, in your home?

How to find a lost diamond ring in your house

If you’ve lost a ring, the chances are it could be almost anywhere. For instance, you may have been to the supermarket, taken a drive in the car or had lunch with your friends. This is why it’s so important to try and narrow down where you’re most likely to have lost it. Perhaps you remember seeing it on your finger when you came home and it’s been lost between now and then. In this instance, you’ll know that the ring is somewhere in your house, which makes the task of finding it slightly easier.

If you’ve established that the ring is at home, how do you go about finding it?

First, you should have a think about where you’ve been in your home. Perhaps you haven’t been upstairs since you lost it, in which case this may narrow down your search to just a few rooms, or if you’ve done the washing up, there’s a chance it may have disappeared down the plug hole. Once you’ve determined the rooms or places it could be, you should go around each one and search carefully. Try to avoid moving everything around as this could make the search harder. Instead, start in one corner and work around the room, checking under sofas and behind kettles to see if it’s hiding. You should also check in unusual places, such as:

  • Inside thethe vacuum cleaner
  • Clothes’ pockets or handbags
  • The side of the bathtub
  • Inside the washing machine or the tumble dryer filter
  • Underneath the sofa cushions.

The best way to find a diamond ring is with a torch - the light reflects off the item making it much easier to spot. You can try this in the daytime, however, it may be of more benefit to wait until night-time. Turn all the lights off in your home and go around each room with a torch, shining it on the floor and under furniture.

The more hands and eyes, the better, so rope in some friends or family members to help you look too.

If you’re still unable to find the ring, you should contact your insurance provider so you can claim on your home insurance.

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How to find a lost diamond or other precious stone

Sometimes it’s not the ring itself that goes missing but a diamond or other precious stone from the ring. This can happen when the claws that hold the diamond in place become loose. Obviously, finding a precious stone is much harder than finding a ring, however, it’s worth having a look just in case.

You’re more likely to find a diamond by feeling for it than looking for it and this is especially the case when a precious stone can become nestled in carpet fibres, making it almost impossible to see. Feel around any areas you believe it could be.

Looking for the stone with the naked eye can be tricky, but an ultraviolet light could make your job much easier. If you’ve had no success by searching for it with your hands, the ultraviolet light can make the diamond glow a certain colour depending on the diamond’s fluorescence, making it a lot clearer to see.

Does insurance cover a lost diamond?

If you’ve searched high and low for your ring with no success, does your home insurance cover a lost diamond from your ring?

Generally, a standard home insurance policy will cover any piece of jewellery up to £2,000, however this doesn’t include a lost precious stone unless you have additional accidental damage cover. You can insure jewellery over the value of £2,000 separately on your policy and, in this instance, it will likely be covered. If you’re unsure what type of cover you have or what it protects you against, you should contact your provider.

How to find a lost gold ring in your house

You can use the same techniques to find a gold ring as you can to find a diamond ring, however gold rings are usually harder to see. Over time, the gold can become dull, making the jewellery blend in more with its surroundings. As with a diamond or other precious stone, you may be better searching using your hands to feel for the item instead of trying to see it.

Alternatively, a metal detector would be able to sense gold so, if you can get hold of one of these devices, it could really help you to find your lost gold ring. Metal detectors don’t cost a huge amount to rent, or you could ask around to see if any friends or family members have one you can borrow. You can use the detector to search around areas of your home, or even outside.

If you’ve noticed that your ring or the precious stone within it has been lost, there is still a small chance of finding it if you follow the advice above. Be sure to check thoroughly and you may find it!

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