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Can I have a bonfire in my garden?

Can I have a bonfire in my garden

21st October 2021

Keen to light a bonfire at home? Age Co explain the do’s don’ts of having a bonfire in your own garden, including tips on how to do it safely and correctly.

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Older people taking a road trip

How to make a long road trip more comfortable

18th October 2021

Anyone that’s been on a long road trip, whether for business or pleasure, will tell you how taxing it can be on your body and mind. That’s why, as well as making sure you have the correct car insurance in place and have conducted all essential pre-trip maintenance checks.

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A home that's been flooded

Avoiding underinsurance at home

27th September 2021

Being underinsured can result in underpayment should you make a claim. Find out how to avoid underinsurance in this guide from Age Co.

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a person plugging a mobile phone in to charge

Are phone chargers a fire hazard?

5th August 2021

There are a few fire hazards around the home to look out for, but are phone chargers one of them? Find Age Co’s mobile phone safety tips in this guide.

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