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The Great British guide to afternoon tea

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Britain is famous for many reasons. The Royal Family, Shakespeare, the Beatles, thousands of prestigious landmarks and of course, traditional fish and chips.

Britain is famous for many reasons. The Royal Family, Shakespeare, the Beatles, thousands of prestigious landmarks and of course, traditional fish and chips. However, while these factors may make the people of Britain proud and help to attract a large number of tourists to the country year on year, nothing is more quintessentially British than afternoon tea.

Whether served in an independently-run cafe in a quaint village or in one of Britain's most reputable hotels, afternoon tea remains one of the most favoured outings for people across the country. If you’re celebrating a special occasion or you simply want to enjoy some of Great Britain’s culture, afternoon tea delivers the perfect setting for a range of desires.

This British staple is served in an abundance of locations across the country; all of which adding their own iconic twist to the tradition. With afternoon tea increasing in popularity and being widely available across the nation, Age Co wanted to share a handful of the best locations where you can enjoy a slice of this tasty British custom.

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The etiquette of afternoon tea revealed

As well as sharing a host of afternoon tea options available across the country, Age Co also wanted to look in depth at the more common ways to enjoy the occasion and what you may be doing differently. With the help of Eileen Donaghey - also known as The Afternoon Tea Expert - Age Co can answer some of the all important etiquette questions which may have crossed your mind.

To discover how knowledgeable members of the British public are when it comes to afternoon tea etiquette, Age Co surveyed 1,000 people to see what the general census is when it comes to the unwritten rules of afternoon tea.

From the perfect brewing time for a cup of tea to the hugely debated question of whether it’s the jam or cream applied to the scone first, Age Co created an afternoon tea etiquette quiz which will put your knowledge to the test. The quiz will also reveal the views of both the public and the response from The Afternoon Tea Expert herself.

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It’s time for afternoon tea!

Whether you’re an afternoon tea novice or an expert in the tradition, Age Co created an interactive map which allows you to view some of the best locations to enjoy afternoon tea across the country.

After browsing the locations within the map, why not try the Age Co afternoon tea etiquette quiz and share your results? Join in the conversation on Facebook, using #TeaTimeEtiquette.

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