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Downtown Abbey Reimagined: a celebrity style twist

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Drama, scandal and romance - Downton Abbey has it all, making it one of the most popular British TV shows of recent times. Aside from its captivating storylines and lovable characters, it’s also known for its stunning backdrops, including the fictional stately home itself and the impressively decorated rooms within it.

One of the most iconic settings shown throughout the show is the library - a large room with walled shelving crammed with books and a grand fireplace. The room also contains two red high-back sofas, with an ornate table and patterned rug in the middle, providing the ideal setting for the residents of Downton Abbey to gather and drink tea.

But what if we reimagined this room in the style of different celebrities? From Mary Berry to Joe Wicks, we’ve put together a series of images to describe exactly how we envision some of our favourite celebs would style this space.

Mary Berry

National treasure Mary Berry is well-known for her quintessentially British manner, so it seems reasonable to assume that her home decor style would follow suit.

Our vision encompasses a traditionally country interior style, incorporating neutral tones throughout the space to create a light and airy homely feel. To complement the softer elements of the room, we’re envisioning dark wooden flooring, in addition to real oak doors and deep blue panelling above the fireplace.

When it comes to furnishings, we imagine the former The Great British Bake Off host to have large, sumptuously soft sofas adorned with plush cushions - the ideal setup for sipping a cup of English Grey and nibbling a slice of cake. We can also picture a farmhouse-style coffee table in the centre of the room, plus rounded side tables featuring perfectly positioned ornaments.

Keen to recreate this look in your own home? Perfect Mary’s country farmhouse look with pale, earthy hues - but don’t be afraid to throw one or two darker shades into the mix to add some depth to the space.

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Graham Norton

Graham Norton is loved by many for his larger than life personality, so it’s only fitting that his interior decor makes a bold statement too.

When imagining the Irish presenter’s home style, we visualise an effortlessly cool, contemporary vibe, including a modern recessed fireplace underneath a sleek, wall-mounted widescreen TV. We also picture a generously sized L-shaped sofa complete with strategically placed scatter cushions, creating the perfect place to unwind when he’s not hosting his Friday night show.

We expect Graham likes to maintain a calm atmosphere when he’s not in front of the camera and interviewing the hottest celebs. So when it comes to colour palettes, we’re imagining lots of creams, browns and greys to help maintain a relaxing energy throughout the space.

Update your decor to be like Graham’s by keeping your accessories to a minimum. To capture a contemporary look and feel in your home, choose a couple of stand-out pieces, like a leafy potted plant and a sophisticated floor lamp.

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is well known for posting inspiring fitness content online, and his positive attitude towards health is like a breath of fresh air, so it seems fitting that his home style is representative of this too.

We already know that The Body Coach has gone for a super stylish Scandinavian vibe in his home. The fitness fanatic gave us a glimpse of his living room during his ‘PE with Joe’ YouTube live streams during lockdown. Joe conducted his workouts in front of a white fireplace with a map of the world wall print positioned above it, while there was shelving to each side, strategically decorated with framed prints, glass vases and candles.

When he’s not filming his workouts, we expect Joe to have stylish cream sofas, with a Scandi-style coffee table positioned in the centre. We also imagine the health and fitness guru to have a minimalist style rug to help add a little warmth and texture to the space.

Recreate Joe’s Scandi-inspired look in your own home by going for neutral colours and minimalist furniture. For a pop of colour, go for leafy greenery, such as potted succulents, and patterned soft furnishings.

Ruth Langsford

Ruth Langsford regularly joins the ladies on the Loose Women panel, and for many years, she hosted the TV show This Morning alongside her husband Eamon Holmes. She portrays a mature yet modern style, and it’s likely her home design is similar too.

If Ruth was to restyle the Downton Abbey space, we would expect soft, feminine colours throughout the TV presenter’s space, such as blush pink and creamy beige. We’re imagining sumptuous sofas on either side of a modern, minimalist style fireplace design complete with pretty detailing above it, including a vase of blooming flowers and a lamp giving off a warm glow.

To complement the sofas, we’re picturing a matching coffee table in the centre of the room. As for internal doors, we imagine a plain white design to help bring together the colour palette of the room.

As for finishing touches, there’s no doubt Ruth has this down to a tee. You’ll find large framed prints on the walls and plush, neutral-coloured cushions scattered across the sofas - these are easy hacks if you want to recreate Ruth's look in your own home.

Gloria Hunniford

Northern Irish TV and radio presenter Gloria Hunniford has made her mark on the industry over the years - and it’s likely her mature, modern and classic demeanour is mirrored throughout her home.

We expect Gloria to go for a mid-century modern interior style if she took over the Downton abode, featuring a perfect mixture of ornate pieces, such as an antique clock, and a modern gold-hued mirror positioned above the marbled log burning fireplace. As for furniture, we imagine the TV and radio host to have a combination of a large sofa and a traditional-style rocking chair.

Our vision for the space also includes a mix of both light and dark tones, including rich wooden internal doors to complement a neutral colour palette for the walls, flooring and the finishing touches, such as soft furnishings and ornaments.

Want to incorporate Gloria’s mid-century modern theme into your own space? Look out for both period style and contemporary pieces to truly capture the beautiful blend of this interior design style.

How would you restyle the home of the Crawley family? Let us know using  #DowntonReimagined. 

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