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Top 10 Best Car Gadgets

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In this modern world, we are able to drive cars that enhance safety for us. With the aid of gadgets in our vehicles, we are minimising risks and increasing driver safety.

We have compiled a list of some of the best gadgets you can get, to help you stay safe when on the roads. Most modern cars will come with a lot of these gadgets built-in, but some are added extras that we would recommend. When buying a new car, these are things to keep in mind and ask your salesperson about.  

Senior drivers use in car gadgets for safety

Built-in extras 

Automatic emergency braking

This feature is quicker than your own reactions and can brake for you in the case of a near collision. It can sense if the vehicle in front of you is braking and applying the brakes for you. This will either lower speed, reduce impact, or reduce the force of an impact in the event of an accident. This is ideal when driving in heavy traffic, or for those unexpected times when a car pulls out in front of you. 

Adaptive headlights

These lights can turn on and off automatically depending on the light outside. This means that you’ll never forget to turn your lights off and risk getting a flat battery. You’ll also never end up driving in the dark with no lights on. This is a helpful feature that most modern cars will come fitted with. Keep an eye out for optional extras that will dip your high beams when you come across oncoming traffic. 

Rear cross-traffic assist

This is such a clever tool for anyone parking in a blind spot to oncoming traffic. Sensors observe the road and will alert you to any oncoming traffic, from either side of you. It will beep to warn you if there is something coming. If you live on the main road and often struggle to pull out of your driveway, this feature would be ideal for you. 

Blindspot assist

This feature is useful when driving on busy dual carriageways or motorways. It gives an alert to let you know there is a vehicle in your blind spot. This can help you become more aware of other drivers around you, even if you can’t see them in your mirrors. This is only a warning and will not prevent you from moving out into the path of another vehicle. You still need to check your blind spot and stay alert at all times when changing lanes.  

Lane detection

If you’re likely to drift into other lanes when you’re driving, this feature could be helpful for you. Lane detection prompts you when driving into a different lane without indicating. Usually, this is via noise or vibration on either your seat or steering wheel. This tool could be useful if you're driving late at night, in an area with poor visibility. These warnings could also be used as a prompt to take a break from the road for a few minutes.  

Electronic stability control

This feature can detect when a skid is likely to happen and put in the efforts needed to prevent it. It does this by taking control of the car’s engine and brakes to try and minimise any skidding. This feature is a built-in benefit to think about if you’re often driving in poor road or weather conditions.  

Aftermarket Extras

Rear parking cameras and sensors

This is a feature in most modern cars, displaying a rear camera view on your dashboard whilst you reverse. Some cameras will offer a reverse parking guide, advising the driver how to angle their car to fit into a space. There is also the added feature of parking sensors that will beep if you get too close to anything behind you. Many modern cars usually have this built-in, but it is also something you can have installed, by buying your own camera that connects to a small monitor sitting on your dashboard.  

Bluetooth connectivity

This is a standard feature in most modern cars, allowing you to connect your phone to your car wirelessly. In some onboard displays, your phone can connect its features via Apple Car Play or Android Auto, allowing you to use your phone as a sat-nav. Simpler Bluetooth connectors or Bluetooth enabled stereo systems can be installed to allow music to play through the car's speakers.

Tyre pressure checker

If your car’s dashboard display doesn’t tell you your tyre pressure, this can be a useful gadget to own. It’s always a good idea to have a tyre pressure checker in your boot in case of a slow puncture. Most of these kits will use your car’s cigarette lighter to pump the tyre back up to a safe level to drive on. This gadget will let you reach your nearest tyre garage for a full repair. 

Jumpstart kit

This could not only benefit you but also any drivers around you. If your car battery is not starting your car, you don’t want to be left waiting for roadside support. By having a jump start kit, you have the tools to restart your car yourself. The kit is cheap to buy and essential for every driver.


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