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Two people standing in wellington boots in a flooded house

How to file a home insurance claim

14th January 2020

It can be upsetting when a sentimental item has been lost or some of your belongings have been damaged, and this is why contents insurance is important - it covers the objects that mean so much to you.

  • Insurance

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What to consider when buying a house

30th December 2019

This post identifies what you should do first when buying a house, as well as some all important questions that you should ask the seller or estate agent before committing to making a purchase.

  • Insurance

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What does home insurance cover

16th December 2019

Buildings insurance will cover the building itself, including fixtures and fittings, garden walls, fences and driveways. Contents insurance includes any household goods and valuables, including money, business equipment and electrical gadgets. It’s important that you have both to ensure that everything in your home is protected.

  • Insurance

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How to live independently with a disability

28th November 2019

Many people in the UK wake up in the morning and don’t have to think about how they will get out of bed or dress themselves, but if you live with a disability, it’s likely that you have to put more thought into things that others take for granted.

  • Health and Lifestyle

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Iconic Mark One Cars

13th August 2019

As new cars come out every year, it’s easy to forget that many models went into production before we were even born. We chart the history of five of the most iconic cars that are still being produced today, with a glimpse of what they look like then and now.

  • Insurance

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