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How to buy a house without a mortgage

31st January 2020

Buying a house without a mortgage certainly isn’t easy, but it is possible. Imagine the feeling of having no mortgage, knowing that your house is completely owned by you and not bought using money borrowed from a bank or another lender.

  • Insurance

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A vintage tea cup

The Great British guide to afternoon tea

24th January 2020

Britain is famous for many reasons. The Royal Family, Shakespeare, the Beatles, thousands of prestigious landmarks and of course, traditional fish and chips. However, while these factors may make the people of Britain proud and help to attract a large number of tourists to the country year on year, nothing is more quintessentially British than afternoon tea.

  • Health and Lifestyle

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Impacts of a no-deal Brexit

22nd January 2020

The UK currently remains without a deal with the EU for Brexit and a ‘no deal’ will have some impacts on Age Co Car and Travel Insurance customers.

  • Insurance

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Two people standing in wellington boots in a flooded house

How to file a home insurance claim

14th January 2020

It can be upsetting when a sentimental item has been lost or some of your belongings have been damaged, and this is why contents insurance is important - it covers the objects that mean so much to you.

  • Insurance

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What to consider when buying a house

30th December 2019

This post identifies what you should do first when buying a house, as well as some all important questions that you should ask the seller or estate agent before committing to making a purchase.

  • Insurance

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