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Older man carrying grandchild on his shoulders

Things to do with the grandchildren

17th October 2021

The bond between children and their grandparents, while different to that with their parents, is certainly a special one, and it’s important to create memories with your grandchildren that will stay with them even when they’re all grown up.

  • Health and Lifestyle

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How to plan the perfect staycation

15th October 2021

With limited options to travel abroad, more people are discovering the beauty of our own country by going on a “staycation”. Here, you can find out exactly how to plan a staycation, including how to choose a destination, and what to pack.

  • Health and Lifestyle

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Capital of Hobbies

The UK’s capital of hobbies, revealed!

14th October 2021

Spending time on hobbies, or learning or practising a new skill can benefit you in a whole host of ways. Here you can explore the hobby that works for you and discover which city comes top of the list as the UK's capital of hobbies.

  • Health and Lifestyle

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Household gadgets to make your life easier

10th October 2021

Nowadays, it seems like there’s a gadget for just about everything. While some of these new technologies are just a fad, there are some that could genuinely make your life easier.

  • Health and Lifestyle

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elderly woman talking on mobile phone

The Best Mobile Phones for the Elderly

29th September 2021

A mobile phone could make living independently easier and help alleviate feelings of isolation. If you’re thinking of buying your first mobile phone or are helping an elderly friend to pick one, then take a look at our recommendations to help find something suitable.

  • Health and Lifestyle

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A home that's been flooded

Avoiding underinsurance at home

27th September 2021

Being underinsured can result in underpayment should you make a claim. Find out how to avoid underinsurance in this guide from Age Co.

  • Insurance

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