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Travel Insurance Myths Solved

25th January 2019

It’s tempting to accept the cheapest quote. It’s also common to accept the offer from your travel agent without asking what’s covered. The fact is a lot of people barely give travel insurance much thought. When you book a holiday you are focusing on the positives of getting away.

  • Insurance

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Fire safety image

How to help someone safeguard their home from fire

19th September 2018

A fire in the home is something many of us never consider a possibility in our own house, especially If you are cautious with cooking and electricals, and maintain a working smoke alarm. However, how often do we consider helping our neighbours to be fire safe too?

  • Insurance

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Mobile phones elderly

The Best Mobile Phones for the Elderly

8th May 2018

A mobile phone could make living independently easier and help alleviate feelings of isolation. If you’re thinking of buying your first mobile phone or are helping an elderly friend to pick one, then take a look at our recommendations to help find something suitable.

  • Health and Lifestyle

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How to deal with ageist salespeople

How to deal with ageist salespeople

27th February 2018

For some reason, when you hit a certain age, those simple purchases that you’ve made plenty of times before, such as buying a car or shopping for a gift, suddenly seem to require an ability to navigate a patronising salesperson.

  • Financial services

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Impacts of a no-deal Brexit

7th March 2019

The UK currently remains without a deal with the EU for Brexit and a ‘no deal’ will have some impacts on Age Co Car and Travel Insurance customers.

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