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A home that's been flooded

Avoiding underinsurance at home

27th September 2021

Being underinsured can result in underpayment should you make a claim. Find out how to avoid underinsurance in this guide from Age Co.

  • Insurance

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Grandparents and children on the beach

Wills and LPAs: Why you need them

3rd September 2021

It’s really important to make a Will to ensure your assets go to the people you want them to and minimises the chances of conflict between family and friends.

  • Financial services

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a person plugging a mobile phone in to charge

Are phone chargers a fire hazard?

5th August 2021

There are a few fire hazards around the home to look out for, but are phone chargers one of them? Find Age Co’s mobile phone safety tips in this guide.

  • Insurance

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Downtown Abbey Reimagined: a celebrity style twist

Downtown Abbey Reimagined: a celebrity style twist

28th June 2021

Drama, scandal and romance - Downton Abbey has it all, making it one of the most popular British TV shows of recent times. Aside from its captivating storylines and lovable characters, it’s also known for its stunning backdrops, including the fictional stately home itself and the impressively decorated rooms within it.

  • Health and Lifestyle

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